Customer Testimonials

I would like to commend you and your staff for the professionalism you have shown me over the past 4 years in my endeavor to develop a varied and high quality collecxtion of early American made side by side shotguns. The advice you have given me has been of inestimable value, and your honesty has been beyond reproach. I can say without hesitation that I feel every gun you have offered me has been exactly as you have described it, or in that rare case where I am not totally satisfied, you have graciously accepted the gun back without question, sometimes several months after the original purchase. Several guns have requred repair or correction of one item or another, and these you have attended to expeditiously. It is generally well known that of all the gun dealers, your organization handles some of the finest side by side shotguns that come to market.

I would also like to acknowledge the gracious help I receive from all of your help at Puglisi Emporium, specifically John and George. i am made to feel at home on the phone, and at times like 'one of the boys'!

Thanks again, Jack, for all of your help. I look forward to a continued and pleasurable association with all of you.

  - Paul