This is our Rifles & Combination Guns page. At Puglisi Gun Emporium, we pride ourselves on offering a variety arms including rifles, combos, drillings, and vierlings- from the highly collectible to reliable sporting guns. Our inventory often includes firearms produced by Holland & Holland, Purdey, Alexander Henry, Winchester, W. W. Greener, Savage, J. Rigby & Co., Merkel, Constantine, Weatherby, W & C Scott & Son, Sharps, Browning, Sako, Ruger, Remington, and many more. From stalking rifles to dangerous game guns, we may also have items in stock that do not yet appear on this page, so if you don't see what you're looking for please contact us by email or phone and ask. There's a good chance that we have it in stock or that we can find it for you. And remember, we are always interested in discussing trades for quality arms, with top dollar consideration given on single firearms or large collections.